Music Makers

Grades K-2 | Wednesdays, 10:00-10:45 am

Music classes are a fun, playful, and interactive experience.  Your child will learn valuable music skills while at the same time developing socially, emotionally, and physically through activities that require teamwork, imagination, and movement.  Music is unique in that it stimulates all areas of the brain.  As children learn to make musical connections, their brain creates and develops connections such as language, math, spatial reasoning, emotional processing, focused attention, and direction following.  Vast amounts of learning can occur while being experienced almost purely as fun.  Our music classes are structured to best facilitate this healthy growth of musical and developmentally appropriate goals.  Join us and see what musical experiences can do for your child.

Courtney Catron | Music Instructor

Courtney has an undergraduate degree in music education and is a board certified music therapist (MT-BC) currently pursing her masters in music therapy.  She taught elementary music education for six years in Jessamine and Scott County Schools before starting a masters program as required to renew her teacher certification.  In June of last year she left her full time job in the schools and started a six month internship with music therapists at University of Kentucky Healthcare.  She started her own music therapy business shortly after receiving her board certification for music therapy.  Since stepping into this field she has been blessed to use music therapy to serve people in many walks and areas of life including NICU and children’s hospital patients, hospice patients and grieving families, mental health support in adult and adolescent inpatient groups, people affected by stroke, traumatic brain injury, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and substance abuse.  She continues to enjoy working in elementary education, teaching elementary teachers how to use the power of music in their classrooms, and helping children in all different walks of development achieve musical and non-musical goals.  She loves to bring the power of music therapy to others and watch it bring life, growth, and joy.