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The pandemic has created a changing, fluid environment in which plans fall apart frequently.

The Bluegrass Arts Collective is creating innovative, online programming to continue providing high quality music instruction that is both reliable and remote. This ensures the safety of our teachers and students’ families, and allows for consistent instruction.

We are thrilled to introduce our General Music lessons, “Music Makers,” and invite you to consider these lessons for students who would otherwise be starting out on an instrument. Children will learn all the fundamental skills of reading music that can be transferred instantly to the instrument of choice later.  We will teach the basic skills of music literacy: to read and sing intervals, understand and clap rhythms, to recognize songs and instruments. We have several teachers who are able to accommodate older students who wish to dive more deeply into music, the underpinning theory that makes it meaningful; as well as younger students who are experiencing formal lessons for the first time.

For all other private instrument lessons, we utilize online platforms including Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Duo; all you need is an internet connection, a device that can handle video conferencing, and a willingness to try.

We look forward to adding more as our community continues to grow.


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Established in 2015 in Wilmore, Kentucky, we are the Bluegrass Arts Collective (BAC). We exist to facilitate quality, affordable arts programming for families, individuals, and communities in Jessamine County and throughout the Bluegrass region.


Our Teachers

Our enthusiastic instructors are both professionals and student interns with many years of experience.

Student Intern Instructors:

Professionals Instructors:

Bluegrass Arts Leadership

Director, Mattie Greathouse

Mattie Greathouse is a dynamic performer and teacher in the greater Lexington and Bluegrass area, having graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Fine Arts with a Master of Music in 2020. While at UK, Mattie was the principal flutist in the UK Symphony Orchestra and the UK Opera Orchestra. Her undergraduate training was at the University of Michigan with Detroit Symphony Orchestra piccoloist, Clement Barone, and participated in masterclasses Leone Buyse. She has also worked with Nina Perlove, Robert Dick, and Leela Breithaupt. She won the National Flute Association’s Performer’s Competition and performed newly published music at the NFA Convention in Chicago, IL (2014), and was the first winner of the East Kentucky Flute Competition in Morehead, KY (2019). In 2016 she performed in Amy Porter’s Anatomy of Sound Workshop on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and at Flutissimo in 2019 with Angela Jones-Reus, Michael Hasel, Leone Buyse, and Katherine Isbell Emeneth. She has presented and performed at the Flute Society of Kentucky’s Annual Flute Festival many times, and has an active private studio. Her students have won and been finalists in the prestigious Governor’s Scholarship for the Arts.